History of the Bible… In the Beginning

We’re starting out on our journey through the Old Testament, and our first area of focus is simply learning to categorize everything. Below are some links for some of the notes. I will add the reading material to the download page as you need it. Other resources will be added here.

You don’t need to worry about using any of the materials until I tell you to in class. Feel free to look over anything any time you want to, but I promise never to make ninja attacks by telling you, “You should have read it online last night”!

As we move through the semester, please let me know which resources you find the most useful, and which ones you hate. I promise to be responsive! (Next semester will especially thank you!)

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Go to the download page to find your notes on the information on the classification of the books of the Bible. Here is your link to a study quiz on the classification of the books at Quizlet.

Here is a link to the resource for the basic chronology for the Old Testament. When you get there scroll to page xv.

Here is your link to the map of the Tribes of Israel.

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