Students Author a Website!

Students in the 2016 Honors English I class have spent the last six weeks honing their research and writing skills creating a website from scratch. They worked on every aspect of the site from design, creating hypertext, organization, finding images, and of course, researching and writing articles.

Students delved into Thornton Wilder’s 1927 classic novel The Bridge of San Luis Rey to deepen their understanding not only of literature, but also of the history of Peru, Catholicism, Spanish, Wilder’s background, literary themes, research, and image copyright. They also looked at the learning process from the other side of the desk as it were as they wrote their own assessments and study aids for the novel.

If you need help in understanding this novel or literary themes in general, this is a great site. I’m very proud of these students for the hard work they poured into this demanding project!

We are still putting the finishing touches on the site, but feel free to come in and look around as we polish everything to perfection.

Check out Studying The Bridge of San Luis Rey!


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