Welcome 2016 Freshmen!

hello-clip-art-textI will be meeting my new Honors English I students in just a few hours, and I’m very excited! I just wanted to share some information with you.

First, you can sign up for text reminders for important updates through the Remind text service (formerly Remind 101).

Next, if you visit the page created especially for this class, you can find downloads for important papers. This is a great resource especially if you are absent or forget something at school.

Make sure to check out the links on the right side of the page (on the desktop version) for helpful information about the literature we will be studying. Our first novel will be To Kill a Mockingbird. It is very important that you stay caught up with the reading once you get your calendar.

dictionary2We will start with vocabulary this week! Check out vocabulary.com for help understanding the words. This site is better than dictionary.com for helping you understand how to use the words because it gives you the opportunity to see the words in action in different contexts. Vocabulary is usually the most challenging part of the course because it is usage-focused and cumulative. Once we have covered a word, it will keep popping up on future tests! Remember, we’re working to actually increase your usable vocabulary, so you have to remember those words for more than a week. You will be given a copy of your list, but you can also download it right here! Honors Vocabulary List 2016

I also have a copy of the basic information that I will pass out on the first day for you here. day 1 introduction 2016

The extra credit for 2016 is not yet up and active, but it will be on this site as its own post; I will send out a text through the Remind service and Tweet it when it is available. You can look at the extra credit that students did last year; yours will be much in the same vein. Looking around here is a good way to get a feel for the class.

I also encourage you to look at the project that last year’s Honors English I students completed. They worked very diligently to create an online guide for The Bridge of San Luis Rey. In fact, you will be using it when you study this novel. We are, in fact, now a page one Google hit when anyone searches for a study guide for this novel! Your friends and classmates did some great work! Check it out and congratulate them when you see them! You will be doing some online authoring as well if all goes as planned!

school supplies, pencils, notebooksWhat do I need for class?
Black ball point ink pens
Red ink pens
White-out correction tape
Three ring binder (1″ is fine)
WIDE-ruled loose leaf notebook paper–NOT college or narrow ruled paper!

I look forward to meeting you and working together to increase your communication skills!


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