Honors English I Extra Credit 2016-17 First Six Weeks

Loss of Innocence

expulsion from edenAs we discussed in the introduction to the novel, loss of innocence is dominant theme in To Kill a Mockingbird. To review, loss of innocence goes hand in hand with coming of age. Coming of age is generally a more positive term, often accompanied by some ritual. For a good discussion of coming of age, check out the article on Toward the Examined Life‘s website.  For a look at a few other books that explore loss of innocence, check out Liberty Falls Down.

Loss of innocence is such a common theme that you don’t even have to be reading great works of literature to encounter it. For your extra credit this six weeks, share a movie, television program, or modern novel you have read that explores the theme of loss of innocence. A key here is that you cannot choose something that is already generally accepted as literature, so no selecting Lord of the Flies (excellent loss of innocence novel, but not what we’re looking for here).

What do I do?

laptop with handsOnce you’ve selected your work, explain how it explores loss of innocence. Who was innocent? How do you know that character was innocent when the novel/movie/etc. started? What happened to cause loss of innocence? Don’t just answer these questions in short answer format. Give us a discussion. To get you started, I’ll respond first below to give you an idea of how to write your answer. Once the recommendations start rolling in, respond to your classmates in a positive academic discussion.

The Fine Print:

All responses to be considered for extra credit must be submitted by September 19, 2016. The more active you are in the overall discussion, the more points you will get; you can earn up to 30 points to be added to any single major exam grade. Each work is first come, first served, so once someone has introduced a title, no one else can intrstudent with paper cartoonoduce it. To be eligible for extra credit, you must introduce a title. I will review comments once a day, generally in the afternoon. If you and another student submit the same title on the same day, the comment that is time-stamped the earliest will be the one approved. Once I read your comment and it appears on the website, you will know that your title is approved. 

Check out my example below for guidance. Although I do have research to outside sources, you do NOT need to do this!


The Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, the defender of Gotham City, whatever you call him, Batman has been an iconic figure in American pop culture practically since his first appearance in Detective Comics (now DC) in May 1939. (In fact, according to The Telegraph, Batman’s popularity has made this issue of Detective Comics is one of the world’s most valuable comic books, recently selling for $1,380,000– quite an increase in value from its initial 10 cent cover price!)

What you may not think about is how his origin story is a classic story of loss of innocence. For those of you who have been living under a rock, here is a quick version of the story. Bruce Wayne, the son of Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, is born into privilege and wealth, living with his parents in Wayne Manor until tragedy strikes. In the version of the story portrayed on the cartoon incarnation of Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the eight-year old Batman-Comic-Book-9-Front-CoverBruce Wayne is so insulated from reality that he coldly refuses a sentimental Christmas gift from his parents because they did not get him the present he really wanted. Trying to make it up to young Bruce, his parents take him to a movie after which they are murdered in an alley on the way home.

This traumatic event clearly marked the end of Bruce Wayne’s childhood. Although his wealth still insulated him in practical ways from the harsh world, the parents he had taken for granted were gone. According to author Tim Lott, at the cornerstone of the innocence of children is “the myth of the infinite power and goodness of parents.” Young Bruce learned that his seemingly all-powerful parents were mere mortals in the most cruel way of all.  In his article in the Guardian, Lott goes on to say, “Innocence goes deeper than ignorance. It is some mysterious operation of the imagination, the part that can enter into mental universes from which one is soon to be forever excluded.” In that alley, Bruce Wayne was forever excluded from the universe in which parents can protect their children; the child Bruce died, and a new being was born.

BatmanFrom that night on, Bruce Wayne devotes his life to training so that he can rid the city of the type of evil that ripped his childhood from him and forced him to see the world as a dangerous place. Clearly the spoiled, protected, innocent child who he was before his parents’ murder exists no longer. The world he had lived in only hours before, in which the particular toy he received for Christmas, no longer existed. Of course, not all loss of innocence is this traumatic or sudden, but Gotham City’s Dark Knight was born when Bruce Wayne’s childhood innocence died.

Yes, I am a superhero geek. I love to watch Justice League, JLU, Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, Young Justice…Well, you get the idea. I do really mainly like the cartoons; the movies just take themselves waaay too seriously, but I did really enjoy Jessica Jones.

So, what modern work of pop culture have you encountered that explores loss of innocence? Start the discussion below.


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    1. You are approved. Chose one novel or movie in particular so that if someone else wants to do part of the trilogy, it will still be available. You’re the first to make the request, so you can select any one.


        1. Ok. You have the first book. The other books in the series are still available. Grace, let us know which character/s you will be focusing on so that whoever writes about one of the other novels can focus on a different character.


    1. The first book is taken. Grace had called The Hunger Games in general first, so I told her she had first pick of the individual book in the series. You can have the next pick of a book in the series.


    1. Yes. Go ahead and start writing your analysis any time! Right now both you and another student are signed in as gpslrguide–I think because someone forgot to sign out last year. You’ll need to create your own sign in. If you don’t want to use your own name, that’s fine, just tell me who you are.


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  1. May I do mine on the Breaking Bad TV Series? Although the nature of the content may be inappropriate, I wouldn’t describe any of the Mature Themes. The series is built around loss of innocence.

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  2. Spiderman
    Peter Benjamin Parker (better known as Spiderman) in Spider-Man’s big screen debut, a smart but shy high schooler is given great power and great responsibility when he is bitten by a radioactive spider. It was a successful movie created in 2002 by Columbia Pictures. Actually since spider man has been out there has been more remakes of the movie along with new shows.
    Spider-Man is unique to the superhero genre primarily because of his youth. This film frequently reminds us that Peter Parker is really just a kid. Even though he’s graduating from high school, Parker’s adjustment to his spidey senses and web slinging abilities is reminiscent of struggling through puberty all over again. Sam Raimi (the film director) excels in telling the story of Spider-Man’s origin when he explores how someone Parker’s age would realistically respond to gaining these abilities. For people who do not know Spiderman’s origin here you go. Peter Benjamin Parker was born to C.I.A. agents Richard and Mary Parker, who were killed when Peter was very young. After the death of his parents, Peter was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May in a modest house in Forest Hills, New York. While still in High School, Peter attended a science exhibition about radiology where he was bitten by a radioactive spider, granting him the proportionate strength and agility of a spider as well as a ” Spider-Sense” that warns him of nearby danger.
    In order for Peter to test his new abilities – and earn some cash, he participated in a wrestling challenge against Crusher Hogan. He easily won the challenge and also gained the attention of the media. Afterwards while backstage, Peter saw a burglar run past him but did nothing to stop him as it wasn’t his problem. Later that night when Peter arrived home, he was told by a policeman that his Uncle Ben had been murdered by someone who broke into their house.
    After this traumatic event Peter wasn’t the same as before Uncle Ben’s death. In the movie the most powerful scene, as well as the turning point for the character itself, is the death of Uncle Ben. It’s heartbreaking to watch, but it’s perfectly executed. Uncle Ben’s token final words of advice to his nephew have the impact they should on the rest of the story. The way Parker lashes out is genuine, and the motivation of the loss combined with the guilt enhances his growth as a hero rather than consumes him. With all this that has happened to him Peter has learned that “with great power comes great responsibility”.


  3. Perks of Being a Wallflower

    Not only an amazing book but also a spectacular movie, Perks of Being a Wallflower is an amazing contribution to pop culture. Stephen Chbosky brought socially awkward teenager Charlie to life when he published the book February 1st, 1999. Not only did Stephen Chbosky write the book but he also wrote the screenplay and directed the movie. He is one of the rare authors to also direct the movie.

    The book starts off immediately with Charlie finding out his friend Michael had committed suicide. That’s just the start of Charlie’s descendant of losing his innocence. Through his descent of loss of innocence, Charlie is accompanied by free spirited Sam and her step brother Patrick. The upperclassmen help Charlie learn about drugs, literature, relationships, “The Rocky Picture Horror Show,” and himself.

    Due to growing up as a wallflower, Charlie experiences everything differently than his other friends. Charlie has several encounters with substances such as LSD, marijuana, and alcohol. With those encounterments Charlie makes several mistakes that are not as bad as they seemed to be. At one point Charlie kisses the wrong person, but are they really the wrong person? Charlie needs to find out through several awkward experiences


  4. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver is about a seventeen year old girl named Samantha Kingston. She dies in a car crash one night, but wakes up the next morning. For the next seven days, she is forced to relive that same day. This causes her to evaluate how she has lived her life and treated others. There is a loss of innocence in the book when she realizes what she has been doing is wrong.
    Samantha is friends with the popular, snobby, “mean girls” of the school. Her friends Lindsay, Ally, and Elody take advantage of underclass men and social outcasts. At the beginning of the book, Samantha does not see a problem with their behavior. She views it as her friends just being how they are. But, as the book goes on, Samantha realizes that they do not treat people right and their actions are wrong. On the day of the crash, Lindsay and Samantha bully Anna and Juliet. Juliet is a consistent target of Lindsay’s bullying. At the party that night, Juliet comes and stands up to Samantha and her friends. Lindsay then dumps her drink on her and shoves her around, the other kids following her. On the first day after Samantha’s death, she still teases the girls but is more reflective of it. She notices how all the other students tease Juliet when Lindsay does. Elody, whom Samantha views as the nicest of them all, also has flaws. She is carefree to the point of recklessness. As the days go by, Samantha becomes more aware of what her friends do. What she thought of as normal, now she realizes is actually really mean.She starts avoiding opportunities to make fun of her usual targets. By realizing what they are doing is wrong, she can no longer let herself or her friends continue to do what they do without having a guilty conscience. This is why the book represents loss of innocence. Samantha has realized that her and her friends actions are wrong. Before she had the innocence of believing what they were doing was normal. Now that she knows that it is wrong, Samantha can’t continue to do the bad things she has done in the past without being responsible for her actions.
    It also represents loss of innocence because Samantha loses her carefree, invincible feeling of being a teenager. Before, she felt as though she had plenty of time to live and didn’t have to worry about mistakes she made. By the end of the book, Samantha comes to the terms with the fact that people can have everything taken away from them in an instance. She realizes that she should have been thankful for what she had and not treated everyone with disrespect. Samantha was never thankful for her family or the nice people around her. She felt as though life was all about popularity, boys, friends, and clothes. At the end of book, she has become a very different person then she was at the beginning of the book. She’s loses the innocence of thinking that everyone will be around forever and that she has plenty of time.
    Samantha’s death and the repetition of that day for the next week make her think over her life. What she thought of as everyday behavior from her and her friends is actually bad behavior. She realizes that her friends aren’t actually very good people. She could have surrounded herself with better ones, but she was rude to them because she felt they were inferior to her. Samantha comes to terms with the fact that her life and everybody’s lives around her do not last forever. She experiences loss of innocence through knowing that she could have been a better person and that what she did in her life wasn’t all that good.


    1. This is excellent! I have not read this book, but I feel like I understand this character based on your discussion here! Unfortunately, too many people go through what Samantha goes through in this novel.


  5. here is my Extra credit, be warned there are some extreme cases in the title and i haven’t censored extreme content, due to its vitality, and i have spoilers littered about my paper.

    Demons, Betrayal, Lucifer, and a prophecy of the end times are all things that suggest a dark time in the Bible, however these are all things are the first plotline of the infamous Supernatural. Many would think that something with such gruesome themes had started with an atrociously sinister and satanic story, but such neigh sayers are thrown for a curve when the show starts with a caring mother and father, Mary and John Winchester, who are putting down their infant, as well as letting their other son Dean Winchester, who is two years old,say goodnight .The infant, Samuel Winchester, rests peacefully. The next scene takes place in John and Mary’s bedroom, Mary is sleeping, until Sam starts crying and Mary gets up to investigate the source of her infant’s discomfort. Upon entering his nursery, Mary, sees a dark figure over Sam’s crib, which she believes is John, and goes towards a flickering light, while at the light she sees that John is actually asleep on the couch. Mary runs up her stairs to save her baby from the figure, only to have her torso sliced and be flung to the ceiling, where she begins to burn alive starting a house fire in the process. Upon hearing Mary’s pain-filled shriek John jolted out of bed to come to her and young Sam’s aid. On entry John saw dean coming down the hall to check on Mary as well. Realizing that Mary is beyond saving, John hands Dean young Sammy and tells Dean to “take your brother outside as fast as you can and don’t look back!”.
    In the following years, John raised the boys as a hunter in need of vengeance. Growing up constantly on the move, it was Dean’s responsibility to make sure Sam was fed, happy, and healthy ,while his father John hunted some monster. John couldn’t handle losing the love of his life, so he turned to alcoholism while at the same time emotionally distancing himself from his children, as if he forgot that though he lost Mary, Sam and Dean were fine, as far as he knew. Around the age of 18, Sam and John got in an argument which led to Sam leaving home and going to Stanford, free of the supernatural life for good, or so he thought. About a year after being in stanford Sam had a girlfriend, friends, and (almost) a degree in law, that is until one day Dean came and found him. Sam found Dean explaining to Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica, how dean was Sam’s brother and he needed to speak with him. Dean told Sam in code, since Jess didn’t know he was an ex-hunter, that “Dad’s been on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home for a few days.” Sam hastily pulls Dean aside and tells him how he isn’t going hunting with dean. Dean finally convinces him to come on one hunt to find there dad. Sam returns to hear the showering running, and carrying on the dangerous Winchester tradition of assuming lied down, moments later blood falls from the ceiling onto his face and he opens his eyes to see Jess on the ceiling, burning, with her torso slashed. After that, whether out of vengeance or because he lost everything, Sam leaves with Dean to find his dad.
    Sam and Dean follow a breadcrumb trail to find their father, killing every monster in their path on the way. Sam finds out the reason the figure visited his nursery was to make him a half demon half human warrior on the side of Hell. After finding their father, they find he found a pistol that could kill the demon who killed Jess and Mary, but the gun only has so many bullets that work. the family fights a local vampire nest. After John shoots a vampire that was about to kill dean, The Colt’s bullet is struck by a holy lightning and the vampire is dead, rather than the usual way of having to decapitate the vampire. Afterwards Sam’s Demon Powers showed him that a family with a young infant was going to be visited by the Yellow-Eyed demon, and Jess killer, Azazel. Sadly the family wasn’t strong enough and John was possessed by him, Sam a 24 year old who a few months back only had to worry about if he’d be accepted to stanford was now faced with a dilemma, he could shoot his father with the colt and kill Azazel, but even worse John was asking him to, but Dean told him not to. Sam stood morbidly scared so long the demon escaped John and lived another day. The fight left Dean mortally wounded and drove John, the world’s worst father to do something against all his morals, he went to the hospital basement and sold his soul and the colt to Azazel so that dean would live another day. Azazel, knowing he’d finally beaten John allowed him to walk up to Dean and Sam to tell them goodbye. John told DEan with his last words. Before he would return to the basement to be shot by Azazel, that one day Dean may have to kill Sam. Sam eventually pried that information from Dean, causing sam to die a little on the inside. Later Azazel gathers Sam and all the other half demon half human soldiers to battle for supremacy Sam is killed when he refuses to take the life of another person, or half person half demon. When Dean finally finds him Sam gets stabbed and dies. He then pleads with a demon to trade his soul for Sam’s life. The demon accepts and gives dean 1 year to live.Sam wakes up without memory of dying and everyone is surprised, but then the others realise, Dean sold his soul. Azazel privately appears to Dean and thanks him, Sam was his favorite but he couldn’t resurrect him if a deal wasn’t made. Azazel’s previous champion opens a Gate of Hell and releases all of the demon from Hell onto the world, including John Winchester, who with all his strength holds Azazel while a wounded Dean shoots the Yellow-Eyed demon with the Colt finally avenging Jess, Mary, and John. Although Azazel was defeated, Deans year was burning away and every demon ever was free. Sam and Dean spend the next year fighting everything from the manifestation of the Seven Deadly Sins to a trickster who makes Sam relive the same day, one where Dean is destined to die, forever until they agreed to leave town and never hunt him. Sam’s warm affectionate heart has been replaced by a dry stone. Sam and his Father figure Bobby fail at saving dean, Since the demon said if dean tries to escape, Sam would drop dead. As time runs out, a demon named Lilith, the holder of all deals, is on earth and Sam and Dean try to kill her. They failed. Dean is viciously mauled by invisible Hell Hounds in front of Sam, another tragedy Sam endures without turning to either alcohol or anger. The next season starts when Dean bursts out of his Grave under a tree, a dead tree surrounded by a perfect circle of dead foliage, in the middle of a flush forest. Dean goes to an abandoned gas station nearby and eats everything edible until a high pitched sound shatters all the glass and causes the building to come apart. Once he finds bobby, they go to a barn in a psychic who was supposed to contact the thing that saved dean, however when she tries her eyes are burnt out of her head. It is revealed that he was saved by an angel named Castiel. Sam’s life dropped of the deep end after Dean died, sam starting drinking demon blood and training with a demon named Ruby. Dean finds out and is disgusted ,but little did either if them know Ruby was a loyal soldier to Lucifer and was preparing Sam to be a vessel for the devil himself, but sam Had to kill lilith first. The angels saved Dean so that he could be a vessel for Michael. The catch was that the boys had to be willing vessels. Sam refuses Satan, logically, and dean turns down michael, not wanting to ever hurt Sam. Since Lucifer was free Sam and Dean had to collect rings from the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse to open The Cage and trap the Devil. Once they collected a ring from War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death, Sam and Dean confront Lucifer, who was in a vessel about to explode, and take a bet, Sam would let Lucifer into his body, but The cage would be open and if Sam could overpower him they would both be stuck in The Cage, Lucifer agrees and enters Sam. Samifer approached the door to the Cage, until they start laughing and Lucifer reveals that he was playing with Dean and Sam never had control. Sam meets on the battlefield, trapped inside his own body, to fight his half brother Adam, the new vessel of Michael, for the Apocalypse. Dean, Cas and Bobby appear and Cas throughs a Holy oil molotov at Michael and sends him back to heaven, Lucifer gets short with Cas, snaps his fingers, and cas is a pile of flesh on the ground. Bobby tries to speak and Lucifer snaps his neck. Dean and Samifer get in a fight and right before dean would’ve been killed Sam gains control. While Dean opens the cage. Sam walks to it, appearing to struggle, and jumps in, The gate seals behind him. Sam returns, but without his soul, 3 months later. It is later revealed that Cas saved sam but his soul became the play thing of the devil, and was to broken to be recovered in one piece. After the 3 months Dean learns Sam was hunting with their long dead grandfather and causing great strife in his wake. When his soul is returned Death puts up a wall to save Sam, but sam Accidentally breaks it and has delusions that satan is free and taunting him, until he is no longer able to sleep and Castiel absorbs the Devil’s Torment, since he doesn’t have to sleep and Cas had done atrocious things by killing countless angels so he could become the new god and fix Heaven. Cas, in turn, is driven insane. Castiel and Bobby returned by a mysterious force, believed by many to be god. Castiel’s sin was that he absorbed every creature in Purgatory, a place god created to hold all the monster and the Leviathans, a shape-shifting creature so devastating god never put it on earth. Cas wasn’t strong enough to hold them all and he had to send them all back to purgatory, but he couldn’t send the leviathans back. Thus, Dick Roman, a leviathan in disguise, rose to power and sought to enslave all of humanity to be feasted on. Dean gathers ingredients to send Dick back to Purgatory but when making his first attempt, Bobby was shot in the head and died, permanently. Eventually Dean stabs Dick with his rod coated in angel, demon, and vampire blood. The rod worked, but the recoil of the blast sucked Dean into Purgatory along with Dick. Purgatory disliked a human being in its midst so it gladly “spit” Dean out. Upon returning Sam and Dean, along with the help of a prophet named Kevin, Found a way to shut to gates of Hell forever. Sam undergoes the trials of killing a Hellhound and soaking in its blood, saving an innocent soul from hell, Bobby, and curing a demon(almost), finding out completing the trials would kill Sam, Dean convinces him to stop. The trials bore too much for Sam and he goes into a coma. Inside Sam’s head, Death himself comes to collect his soul Sam specifies that, this time, he wants it to be impossible for him to be resurrected in any way. Hearing this Dean lets Samandriel, the angel who originally let Lucifer into the Garden of Eden, possess Sam and heal his wounds. During this time, a greedy angel named Metatron forced every angel out of heaven and sealed the pearly gates. Dean also finds the last Knight of Hell, Abaddon, and takes extreme measures, he talks to Cain, as in Cain and Abel, to receive the Mark of Cain and the First Blade, the mark instilled an unquenchable bloodlust in the bearer, with it dean kills Abaddon but still suffers the Mark’s tyranny. Later, Dean gets the mark removed ,but releases an evil so dark it scared Death himself, Amara, god’s evil sister. She eats the souls of living people and has the ability to turn ordinary people into feral monsters. The toll on Sam weighed heavy on Sam the entire time.
    Sam Winchester was and is a hero for going through everything, losing all his innocence and/or chance at innocence at birth, and not turning bitter against the world once. Dean may have protected Sam but Sam is the true sufferer, for he wasn’t even a year old before disaster struck him.


    1. I’ve only watched a few episodes of Supernatural, but this makes me want to try it again. You do have the information in here about the innocent character, but it’s somewhat buried underneath extra plot summary. When you’re writing, work to pull your thesis to the forefront.


  6. “The Walking Dead” has become a show synonymous with the term zombie in pop culture. A family of three, Carl, Lori, and Rick are central characters of the show. Carl, the only son of Rick and Lori, is a young boy of 8 when the show begins. His life changes rapidly throughout the course of the show as he expierences things no child should.
    Despite being thrown into the midst of a zombie ridden world, Carl handles his situation suprisingly well throughout the first two seasons. (SPOILER ALERT) Although events in previous episodes may have caused him to mature, the major catalyst that caused him to lose his innocence was his mother’s death in season 3.
    When zombies invade the camp where Rick, Carl, Lori, and various other group members reside, the group disperses to hide. When Lori, Carl, and another group member, Maggie escape to the boiler room to hide, a pregnant Lori suddenly goes into labor. To make matters worse, Lori cannot push the baby out naturally, meaning the only way the baby can live is through a C section birth, which would mean Lori would die in the process. Lori accepts this and tells Maggie to perform the incision, while Carl watches on in horror. Maggie prepares to shoot Lori after she succumbs to loss of blood, but Carl stops her and requests that he be the one to shoot her, because she is his mother. (In the world of “The Walking Dead”, if a human dies even without being bitten by a zombie, they will still reanimate after death.) Directly before shooting his mom, Carl has a flashback to when his father had explained to him that there was “no more kid stuff” and how he had to mature in order to handle the apocalypse and the tragedies that would surround him.
    When Carl emerges from shooting his mother, his whole world has fallen apart. He is no longer the protected son of 2 parents, but the co-guardian of an infant and son of a single dad, at the young age of 11. Not only this, but Rick will soon lose touch with reality seemingly going crazy as a result of losing his wife, leaving Carl to be taken care of at the hands of others.


  7. Toy Story 3’s Loss of Innocence

    Andy, now seventeen, is leaving for college. Once a boy who played with his toys
    every day, role playing and going on crazy adventures with his toys, has not touched them in years. All the toys but Woody and Buzz, are discouraged that doubtful that Andy will take care of them, After all the years of fun, and playing, Andy has moved on and grown up. Andy then goes into the room, getting ready for college, goes through his belongings. Andy begins to put his toys in a garbage bag, looks at his toys one by one, and remembers all the good times he has had with them. He looks at his favorite toy and his childhood friend, Woody, and he remembers what all they have been through, and decides to take Woody with him to college. Seeing all his friends left behind and being carried to the attic, Woody tries to save them. Andy’s mother then mistakes the garbage bag as trash, and puts it outside for the garbage man to pick up.
    Shocked and distraught, the toys were told by Woody they would have been taken to the attic, but find themselves on the curb, waiting to be thrown away. Woody tries to tell the toys it was by mistake, but the toys are so hurt by the course of events that had happened, that they do not listen. The toys all jump into a box titled, “Sunnyside”, not knowing what it is, Woody explains that they are going to a daycare. He says to the toys that they must escape, because of how badly the toys are treated at daycares, but Hamm the Pig says, “Andy does not play with us anymore, so what is the point of going back?” Learning that Andy does not care about them anymore when he has grown up, hints at the toys’ loss of innocence.
    The toys then arrive at Sunnyside, being greeted by Lotso and his crew, who have been at Sunnyside for a long time. Lotso explains how the toys get played with everyday, and when the kids get older, new kids come in. Reminded of Andy and how he forgot about his toys when he got older, all the toys are thrilled about their new home, all except Woody, who says that they are Andy’s toys, and that they need to get back to him. The fact that Woody is still loyal to Andy, after he has forgotten about Woody and the rest of the toys, proves that Woody still believes in Andy and will keep giving him chances no matter what.
    Woody then escapes Sunnyside to find Andy and to go with him to college. Woody gets stuck on a tree branch, and is picked up by a little girl named Bonnie. Bonnie takes Woody home, excited to play with the new cowboy she found. Bonnie then plays with Woody, and her toys, not been played with in years, Woody finds this delightful, because she plays just like Andy did when he was young. She treats them nicely, creates scenarios, and role plays with them, just like Andy did long ago.
    Woody then goes back to his friends, to find that they have been treated horribly by the daycare kids. The gang then tries to escape but is stopped by Lotso, who has been evil the whole time. Woody finds out that Lotso and a few other toys, once were loved and had an owner, whose name was Daisy . She loved all her toys, but Lotso has her favorite, but when Daisy fell asleep in a field during a picnic, Lotso and his toys were forgotten. Lotso then tries to find Sally, but when he finally does, he finds out that he was replaced. He was devastated, knowing that Daisy did not care about him anymore, an example of Lotso’s loss of innocence.
    Lotso then throws the gang into the trash, which is about to go into the furnace. Woody and then try to escape, only finding Lotso with them. They start to run trying to escape the furnace, Lotso then finds the button to stop the conveyor belt from sending the toys to their doom. Lotso asks for a boost to to the button, after he gets up, Woody and the crew find that Lotso had lied to them again, showing how bad of a toy he really is. Woody and the crew then begin to slide toward their doom, losing their innocence in two ways, being lied to and showing that not all toys are nice, and thinking that they will live forever with Andy, only to be falling toward their doom.
    The toys are then saved by the three aliens, having found “The Claw”. Once they escape, Buzz and the rest of the toys that they need to get back to Andy, because he picked Woody to stay with him and because Woody is Andy’s toy. The toys then go to Andy’s house, and get in their boxes like nothing ever happened. Woody then quickly writes a note, saying that they need to be donated to Bonnie. Andy then goes to Bonnie’s house, explaining who all the toys are one by one. Finally, Andy gets to Woody, not knowing that he was in the box, tries to take him back, but only finds Bonnie saying, “My Cowboy!”. Andy decides to give Bonnie his favorite toy, Woody, asking her if she can take very good of him. He then plays with Bonnie and his toys one last time, and decides to say goodbye one last time. The movie then ends with Andy driving away in the distance, and the toys all happy for Andy, and that they have a brand new home.
    The movie “Toy Story 3” was a great example of the loss of innocence. Andy, once a boy who played with his toys every day, grew up and realized that there was not a time for playing anymore. The toys, learning that Andy did not have time for them anymore, as well as learning about how bad and cruel Lotso and his crew was. The toys also learned that Andy was truly special and that he really cared for them, seeing of how the daycare kids treated them.
    The loss of innocence is something everyone has to go through, and “Toy Story 3” really showed that.. Woody and his friends realized that Andy was all grown up, and that he forgot about them, not because he did not care, but because he had so much going on with school. Woody said, “Andy really cares about us, because even after every garage sale and every spring cleaning, he held on to us! He must care about us or we would not be here.” Woody was right, because he did not throw them away and forget about them, he gave them a new home were his toys could be loved and played with. The lesson of the movie was that growing up is hard. Andy, finally grown up, learned that life was not all fun and games, and that was what eliminated Andy’s childhood innocence.


  8. William Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean-The Black Pearl)

    William Turner is a great example of loss of innocence. We are first introduced to the character as he floats in on a piece of wood from a ship crossing the Atlantic that was attacked by the pirate ship, the Black Pearl. He later apprentices as a black smith and despises pirates, but when the girl of is dreams Elizabeth Swan is taken by the crew of the Black Pearl, he reluctantly and grudgingly joins forces with the pirate captain Jack Sparrow to save Elizabeth.

    While under the companionship of Captain Jack, Will learns that his father, who he thought was an honest merchant sailor, was a pirate who sailed with Captain Jack. Will goes on to commit several acts of piracy as described by Jack, commandeering a ship of the royal navy, sails with a crew of pirates, and has a desire for treasure (where in Jack means Elizabeth). Will goes as far as to leave Jack unconscious in the den of the crew of the Black Pearl. Later, after most of the events of the movie have occurred and Will is granted a pardon, Jack is about to be hanged, but Will yet again commits another act of piracy by helping Jack escape.

    We know Will was innocent at the beginning because he despised Pirates, upheld the laws, and lived his years as a blacksmith peacefully. William Turner lost his innocence when he became a pirate to save Elizabeth.


  9. Twilight was a movie that swept the nation in 2008 with its enticing love triangle involving a werewolf, a vampire, and an ordinary mundane. The beginning of the movie starts by telling its audience of a young sheltered teenage girl, Bella Swan, moving cross country to live with her dad in a small town of Forks, Washington. Bella has not been to visit her dad since she was a young girl having been living with her mother in Phoenix in a house with a white picket fence. As soon as Bella enters her new high school in rainy Washington she is swarmed by guys wanting to win her for the sake of being with the, “new toy in town” states on of her frenemies on the first day of school. Bella is not the type to seek attention though she is quiet and keeps to herself and her small friend group she was thrown into, until she spots a peculiar guy in one of her classes. Being new Bella does not know that the guy she has been eyeing is Edward Cullen the town’s mysterious rich boy that everyone runs from. Bella is intrigued by the quiet, handsome townie and sets out to find out why he is cold, why he can’t stand to be around her, and why he is so protective over her at the same time. One night while in the city Bella takes a shortcut down an alleyway only to be sexually harassed by a group of thugs. The innocent, young, and fragile girl is scared out of her mind in a moment she thinks her days as a child will be over. Until Edward speeds on the scene to swoop in and save Bella, which only furthers her curiousness. Using the book she purchased in the city Bella investigated to what it could be that makes Edwards demeanor the way it is. After a late night of researching the supernatural and connecting stories that she’s heard all her life Bella made a revelation and set off to confront Edward the next morning. Completely blowing off school Bella heads for the woods knowing Edward will follow her. Bella promptly stops and can’t bring herself to look at the dangerous beast behind her. Due to Bella uncovering what Edward is, a vampire, he runs with the speed of an immortal up the mountain to where he could find sunlight and prove to Bella she needs to leave him alone. Feeling like she is seeing for the first time Bella is exhilarated instead of frightened by her new knowledge, but with this knowledge comes danger. Bella has lost the blindness that protected her from the secrets of the world. She lost her innocence.


  10. Chandler Ogle 9-19-16
    Many people may remember the 2003 movie School of Rock. With lessons like rock appreciation, rock history, and a lecture on The Man, anyone who’s seen the movie can’t help but remember it. How, though, does this film relate to the theme loss of innocence? The answer to this question is very straightforward. Throughout the course of the movie, many characters lose their innocence. The three major people or groups of people who lose their innocence are the students, the parents of those students, and the principal. The first group to lose their innocence in this movie, however, is the students.
    From the moment that Dewey Finn heard their musical skills in action during their music class, he knew that they were destined for greatness, but are these young rock and roll stars truly as innocent as they seem? In the beginning, yes, they are. When Mr. Shneebly (secretly Dewey Finn) decides to start the new “class project”, however, the children all too quickly agree to begin the project, which supposedly isn’t allowed to be officially begun until next quarter. Normally this behavior is more or less what is to be expected from a class of 5th graders, but when the response of the children is put into context with the fact that they have clearly been raised to be well mannered, rule-abiding young men and women, this response seems out of place. The truth is, these children have already partially lost their innocence within the first twenty minutes of the film. The class, however is still mostly innocent. One example of this is when Freddie goes to hang out and play poker with the men in the van at auditions. Freddie is still innocent in this respect, because he remarks to Mr. Shneebly that he only wanted to hang out with some real rockers. All Freddie knew was that they seemed cool, and that he wanted to hang out with them. The major loss of innocence for the children comes later, after Mr. Shneebly admits that he is really Dewey Finn. Before this, the children believed that they were simply working on a very prestigious project that just so happened to be centered on rock and roll, which their parents hate. The children still decide to play battle of the bands, even though they now know the true reason that they had been learning how to be a rock band. This time, the children know that their parents still disapprove, but decide to openly disobey their parents, and embrace the rock and roll lifestyle that their parents despise. The children have lost all innocence at this point in the movie; they go to the concert fully aware that this is wrong and improper in the eyes of their parents. This is how the children lose their innocence in School of Rock.
    The next group of people to lose their innocence is the parents. The parents truly believe in the beginning that they are doing what’s best for their children. They’re doing the best that they can; after all, children don’t come with an instruction manual. To an extent, these parents are even right in how they are choosing to raise their children. The rock and roll lifestyle that Dewey Finn lives is one that most parents would discourage their kids from living, and the students are only ten during the movie, which is quite young to be fully exposed to such a way of living, but these parents are truly holding their children back. The parents are trying to protect their children, but in doing this they are prohibiting the young rockers from realizing their full potential. By the end of the movie the band is getting gigs and doing fairly well considering the fact that its members are 5th grade prep students. Had the students not been exposed to rock and roll their talent would not have been discovered and they would have been confined to a small music class where their true abilities would never be realized. Even though they are getting in the way of their children, however, the parents cannot be faulted. This is because up until the point when they see the band rock out on stage, the parents are acting in what they think is the best interest of their kids. They don’t know that they are actually a hindrance instead of a help. After the battle of the bands, though, they see that their children are gifted rock musicians, and can no longer innocently deny them of their dreams, because at that point the parents know that they would be wrong to do so. Once the parents have seen the error of their ways, they allow the students to attend the school of rock after school program, which is taught by Dewey. This is how the parents lose their innocence in School of Rock.
    Finally, principal Mullins loses her innocence. In the beginning, she trusts Mr. Shneebly to teach the class because even though he acts a bit strange, be was recommended by many other schools. She may be slightly skeptical, but she does not know that anything is wrong at first. Later, though, many red flags arise. First of all, he wants to take the students on a field trip, which substitute teachers are not allowed to do. Not only that, but this “field trip” is to a concert, even though he is not the music teacher. She turns him down, but he is persistent. This behavior is clearly odd. Even later, she catches him with an electric guitar in the classroom, which he attributes to his “experimental teaching methods”. This is a very transparent lie. At this point, Mullins must know that something’s up with Mr. Shneebly, but still she does nothing. Afterwards, Mr. Shneebly invites Mullins out for some coffee, which turns out to be beer. This is clearly unprofessional and inappropriate on multiple levels, but Mullins does it anyway. Then, when it is revealed that Mr. Shneebly is a fake, Mullins is far from innocent in the affair. At first she knew no better, but the longer his charade went on, the less innocence she had, and by the end she had none.
    School of Rock is an excellent example of the theme loss of innocence. At the start of the film, almost every character is more or less innocent (excluding Dewey Finn of course). By the time the credits rolled, however, most characters had lost their innocence to the rock and roll lifestyle that this motion picture was built around. Many of these characters didn’t even realize that they had lost their innocence. The process is so gradual that sometimes the best of people can unknowingly slip into its grasp, but still a few remain who cannot be blamed, who are innocent.


  11. American Graffiti
    American Graffiti is a movie that took place in the 1960’s in a town called Modesto, California. It mostly focuses on two 17 year-olds, Curt and Steve, who are going to college the next day. They want to spend one last night in their town with all their teenaged friends (except John is 22). The teenagers face loss of innocence because of the way they waste the night away. Such as Terry who gets to borrow Steve’s car, and he picks up a girl and drinks under age with her. Steve and His girlfriend, Laurie who go to the hop and get thrown out because of the too much PDA they were showing, even though they did not go to that school anymore. Halfway through the movie Steve tells Laurie that he thinks it would be okay if they temporarily dated someone else while they were in college, but Laurie despised the idea. Steve tries to make out with her, but she refuses and so it ticks Steve off and they break up. In the end they eventually get back together.
    Curt is a single man who can’t seem to find a girlfriend. He was riding (third wheeling) with Steve and his girlfriend when a white Thunderbird pulls up next to them at a red light. Curt does a double take at the driver. She’s a beautiful blond girl, and she mouths words at Curt, but he doesn’t understand and she drives off. Curt spends the rest of the movie trying to find the girl. He runs into a group of trouble makers while searching and they make him do a ridiculous prank that definitely portrays his loss of innocence. He hooks a cable onto a police car and hooks the other end to a sturdy concrete pillar. The group, plus Curt, speed past the cops, and the cops race out to catch them. The cops were then handicapped because the back axel of the car was torn out by the cable Curt hooked to the car.
    Curt, Steve, and Terry were no longer real preppy like they were at the beginning of the movie. Their innocence ceased due to things that most late teens do after they can drive or graduate, and wasn’t very traumatic. American Graffiti is a wonderfully directed movie, depicting life in the town of Modesto and the things that went on there, such as “The Hop”.
    -Will Nelson


  12. Extra Credit: Arrow (CW) Rishi Bhojwani
    Green Arrow, also known as The Arrow or The Hood, has become a popular television character ever since he first appeared on The CW’s Arrow on October 10, 2012 .Arrow’s first season broke its channel’s record of the most watched show in three years. The story follows young billionaire and playboy, Oliver Queen, and his friends on their mission to save Starling City, later Star City, from crime and attacks of terrorism.
    What is truly amazing about his story is that it’s a classic loss of innocence story as much as it is a story of crime fighting. Oliver Queen is the son of Robert Queen, a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, and Moira Queen. Oliver grew up in a mansion and lived a privileged life. His parents bought him anything he wanted and used their money and resources to correct any mistakes Oliver made. His parents also guarded him from the knowledge of the horrible atrocities they took part in. On one fateful afternoon, Oliver joined his father on his yacht, The Queen’s Gambit. During their voyage, they crossed paths with a violent storm that caused the boat to sink, which seemingly killed everyone on board except Oliver, his father, and one crew member. These lucky few made it to a life raft. They floated for days. During this time, Oliver’s father explained something to Oliver that killed his sense of immaturity. Robert expressed his remorse about the horrible acts he committed to his son. After shocking his son by confessing his sins, Robert then proceeded to pull a gun out of his jacket and shot the remaining crew member and himself. After Oliver watched his father shoot himself in the head to save his son, Oliver then floated to an island. During the next few weeks, he was tortured with various knives and arrows. After that, Oliver spent the next two years on that island training with a bow and arrow so that he might find a way off the island. After that, he spent the next two years training with an organization named A.R.G.U.S. During his time there, he killed many people and advanced his fighting skills and intelligence greatly.
    When Oliver was brought home after what he described as ‘’ five years in hell’’, he was a vastly different person from what he used to be. Many people who met with Oliver after he returned claimed,’’ The Oliver we knew died on that island. This is a different Oliver.” Those who said this are correct. Oliver Queen that made it to the island died. During his time on the island, Oliver turned into a different type of person. The playboy billionaire turned into a skilled killer. The immature twenty year old who wanted to spend his life partying all the time turned into a man who wanted nothing more than to save his city and to avenge his father’s sins. From the day Oliver returned home, he has spent his nights fighting crime and correcting his father’s mistakes.
    The Green Arrow was born from the loss of innocence of Oliver Queen on an island after his boat was shipwrecked. Star City’s hero was created by the loss of innocence of Oliver Queen.


  13. The Harry Potter books are a series of 9 fantasy novels written by JK Rowling. The novels are about the adventures of a wizard named Harry Potter. The books have sold over 450 million copies making the brands estimated value at 15 billion dollars. The author’s net worth is 910 million dollars. The first novel Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone took 6 years to write. The manuscript was presented to 12 publishers and turned down by all. It wasn’t until a year later in 1997 that it was finally purchased and published by a London based company. It went on to sell over 7 million copies in the first year.

    In the beginning of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Harry lives with relatives because he is told his parents died in a car accident. His life is destitute with hand me down clothing, very little food, and no love. He even has to sleep in a broom closet. At 11 he finds out he is a wizard and his life is forever changed. He has all the food he wants, plenty of clothing, and elaborate shelter. Most important he then lives among people who love and care for him.

    Imagine spending your childhood thinking you are worthless and unimportant. Believing other people’s lives are better but you have no hope of ever being like them. Thinking nothing is in your control. Then suddenly, with one piece of information, you realize all these thoughts about yourself and your life is wrong. You have a future, a support system, and hope. It’s a different feeling when you encounter challenges and have the backing of people who truly care about you. It’s a feeling of freedom.


  14. The Hunger Games. Loss of innocence?
    The Hunger Games is a novel about Katniss Everdeen and her journey through the games. The novel begins in District 12 on the day of the reaping. The reaping is where the Capital selects one man and one woman to participate in the games for their district. The day of the reaping is when the idea of loss of innocence became prominent in The Hunger Games.
    In the beginning of the novel, Katniss Everdeen is shown to be innocence. We know she was innocent because she never killed a human, only animals. She was the provider of her family and she had to leave her family and kill other people for the enjoyment of others.
    Once the novel started, Katniss began to lose her innocence when she volunteered for the games. Once she got to the capital and began the games she was forced to kill humans, also risking her life. After her first game, she was cold.


  15. Dylan Thibault
    Ms. Rains
    Period 1
    Loss Of Innocence: Breaking Bad
    Desperate situations can make even the most benevolent people take actions against their morals, in order to provide something they need. In the TV series, Breaking Bad by, Writer and Producer, Vince Gilligan, tells the tale of the loss of innocence of its main protagonist Walter White. Walter, a high school chemistry teacher, lives a normal american lifestyle with his wife, Skyler, and his son, Walter Jr. (also known as Flynn). Because of working around chemicals for a majority of his youth in a lab, Walter finds he is suffering from lung cancer. After his first treatment, he learn that on his current pay check and condition of his health, he will not be able to provide for his family when he dies.Trying to be supportive for his family, he turns to drastic measures of cooking methamphetamine. After talking to a former student of his, Jesse Pinkman, the two start making drugs as 50/50 partners. Their first few business deal do not go very smoothly and the D.E.A. soon is after the duo because their product is one of the highest qualities ever seen. Walter’s brother in law Hank, is a field agent in the DEA, who grows a strong desire to solve the case. Meanwhile at home, Walter’s new profession is kept secret from his family.
    ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** After a few deals with their buyer, Tuco, things get sticky. Tuco threatens to kill the two and their families. Panicked, the two resort to extreme measures by plotting to poison him. Tuco eventually get dealt with, and the two keep trucking away at cooking. Soon after, Walt’s life at home collapses as Sklar and him are on the verge of divorce after she finds out his secret, and to make things even worse Skylar is pregnant with a child. Mr. White’s image of being a role model father diminishes and their family suffers tremendously,
    After the first two seasons, Walter is a full blown criminal mastermind. He ends up murdering countless people, plotting robberies, poisoning enemies, and even witnessing his brother’s assassination attempt and murder. He gains a reputation as “Heisenberg” and gets caught in many deadly deals. Once things start to go smoothly for him, he almost always loses his money or barely gets away with his life. All five seasons he was lying, killing, and betraying his way to fame and fortune. Although he had many chances to get out of the business, he selfishly stayed in it for the money. But even when these crimes tear his family apart, he insists that it is to provide for the family when he dies. Even when he creates his empire, he doesn’t realize his motive behind committing crime is wrong until way after it is too late to turn back. The story ends with Walter caught in his final plot to avenge Hank’s death and Save Jessie Pinkman in order to alleviate his guilt over his previous actions.


      1. When Walter’s biggest drug deal collapses he realizes that he is “going to hell”. This is after the first two seasons, but it’s he point in the story that is said to the veiwer. Even if viewers missed that, all of the last episodes in the series are Walter realizing his actions that lead to his brothers death are wrong. This leads to him trying to avenge his brother death, ultimately leading to him either dying or being arrested because the ending does not directly show what happened.

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  16. “Kill You Last” is the third novel in a murder mystery trilogy written by Todd Strasser. This novel, along with the previous novels, is set in a small community of rich families, called Soundview. Written in first person in the point of view of the Shelby Sloan, a high school student who about to graduate, the novel describes her struggles with her family being trapped in a police investigation.
    Shelby Sloan seemingly perfect life in “Kill You Last” was flip upside down. She was just about to graduate and go out into the real world as a college student. The only difficulty she had was choosing between a college close to home or another one far away. Shelby never fathomed the possibility that her family would be under scrutiny in a police investigation. One day, two under-aged clients of her father’s photographer studio/modeling business vanished , and the prime suspect is Shelby’s dad. Evidence begins to pour in against Shelby’s father, and on top of that, Shelby begins to receive emails swearing vengeance on her father. In addition, she also has to deal with paparazzi, hateful stares at school, and everyone’s belief in the community that her father is guilty. Caught in the middle of the investigation, Shelby struggles with the possibility that her father might not actually be as good a person as she thinks he is, and she is forced to looked through her memories of her dad being weird with other girls. Once the police find the two missing girls’ bodies brutally mutilated, and more girls are discovered missing in connection with her father’s studio, Shelby must faced the truth that the people most important to her might not be as innocent and trustworthy as they seem.
    To clear her dad’s name and to find the source of the person who is sending her emails, Shelby, along with her friends Whit and Roman, goes digging for the true killer/kidnapper. As revelations unravel, Shelby discovers the shocking truth that her dad is innocent of murder, but he’s not innocent other awful things. In reality, her dad is a creepy, perverted person who took money from under-aged teenagers by deceiving them into believing they had a chance of becoming big time models. She also discovers, in a climatic event towards the end of the novel, that her mom was the one brutally murdering her husband’s clients! Talk about a horrible way to get revenge!! Apparently, her mother and father had a rough marriage. Her father blamed her mother for the death of Shelby’s younger brother, and her father had been cheating on her mother with some of his under-aged clients.
    This was a turning point in Shelby’s life story. Realizing the truth, She testified against both of her parents knowing what they did wrong. Discovering the truth, marked an end of her living a blind carefree life and loss of the innocent trust she had in people. After this whole ordeal, she no longer believes that people are as good as they seem to be. She loses the ability to trust people wholeheartedly, and develop a new sense of fear stemming from knowing that if she hadn’t search for answers, her father and mother would have gotten away with all their wrongdoings. By the end of the novel, she prays for the day she can finally become a teacher like her sister Beth and put the traumatic experience behind her.


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