Exploring Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde



First, if you have not already read the material here on Logophiles Unleashed, go to the page on duality, and read this material. Next, hop on over to the BBC’s site on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They have some excellent background material to help you understand the novel including some great videos. After watching each of the videos, take the very short quizzes. They call them “activities.” No, it isn’t for a grade, but the explanations that go along with the answers will help you to understand the novel better. Yes, you have to read all of them: Background, Plot, Theme, and Character. In order to read them click on “REVISE.” As you may have noticed by now, this is not a simple novel to read.



Next, head over to the British Library’s site on Victorian Education.

Finally, go on to the the British Library’s site on Victorian Middle Classes.

When you have finished reading all of this, go to Socrative to the TRAINSGPHS room to answer some questions on the reading material. Unlike the activities on the BBC site, this IS for a grade. It is short answer, and I have attempted to anticipate the different ways you may have answered, but spelling counts. If you misspell the answer, you will not get credit. Remember to sign into the room last name, first name. You may only sign in ONE TIME for this assignment! Multiple sign-ins will result in your not getting credit for this quiz!

Be good for the substitute while I am gone!





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