We the People

I’m beyond excited to be teaching the AP US Government and Politics course in 2018!

This may come as a surprise to some of you who know that American history and government have never been my strong suits. While I have always been fascinated by European history, and the history of the ancient Middle East, my dedication to studying my own nation’s history and government has always been a bit of point of embarrassment for me.

So, why did I jump at the opportunity to teach such a challenging course on American Government and Politics?

Two reasons: First, I love to learn, and this gave me the push I needed to make myself learn more about my government. I have spent the summer  studying our founding documents and have found that I am fascinated by our nation’s government. The somewhat superficial understanding that I had before is actually the reason that I was not as drawn to the study of government and politics. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. I have found my studies exhilarating!

Perhaps more importantly, the more I learn, the more in awe I am of just how well our government works. Yes. I actually just said that. It really does work. Sometimes superficially what we see makes it look like one big mess, but by learning how to look beyond the squabbles and rivalry, I am seeing how what our Founding Fathers put into place over 200 years ago is still working today to represent a diverse American populace.

The second reason? I love to teach! I’m so excited to share all of this with you! I attended a summer seminar presented by AP, and the techniques and resources the presenter shared with us were phenomenal! I can’t wait to begin using them in my classes! It is my sincere desire to impart an excitement to all of you for learning about your government and helping you to see just how much influence you have as a member of the American populace.

One last thing

I’ll let you go with the most interesting and perhaps timely thing I have learned so far. I think many of us have become a little frustrated with the increased tensions between the Democratic and Republican parties. One question that arises from this frustration is why America can’t seem to evolve from a two-party system to a multi-party system. I know I used to wonder. Did you notice I said “used to wonder”? Well, I totally understand now. It’s actually a simple concept called majority representation.

And that’s where I will leave you in suspense. Take AP GoPo to get all the details and learn how to unravel your government and the political news.


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