AP US Government Resources

Welcome to AP US Goverment! On this page, you will find resources for our class, access to assignment documents, and general information that you will find helpful in our exploration of United State government.

Our Actual Class and assignments and schedule are HERE! You will find our schedule and downloads for specific assignments on that page.

The Gatlinburg-Pittman PEN Tutoring site has some links to excellent AP study resources!

Resources: (After the first resource, resources are alphabetized. Remember, the is not included in alphabetizing.)

THE AP GoPo site to end all AP GoPo sites: This site has a section specifically designed to help students to study for the exam. You should review these resources almost daily.


270 To Win: This Website contains interactive maps of election results. We will be using this in class.

A Great Constitution site: This site has information about each article and amendment as well as interactive links. We will be using some of the additional reading material on this site for writing and discussion prompts.

Become Chair of the Federal Reserve: Okay, not really. But on this site you can be the virtual Chair of the Federal Reserve and enact changes in the interest rate to see what effect your policies have on the economy. This is a good way to see how interest rates drive other factors in the economy.

Fact Check: You can’t believe everything you read! Or hear. Or see. But you can fact check it! Before you believe that story you heard that the President is an alien, check out the facts on Fact Check.

Gerrymandering for Fun and Profit: This site, actually called The Re-districting Game, is maintained by USC Annenberg. We will be using this in class to help understand how changing districts gives one political party an advantage.

The Heritage Guide to the Constitution: This is a great site for helping you to understand the Constitution. They provide brief, clear English explanations of each clause of the Constitution.

John Locke’s Second Treatise on Civil Government: This is the Spark Notes site. This is the Grade Saver Site. Use these two sites in helping you to answer the questions in the Locke reading assignment. Here is another good resource I have found.

National Priorities: This site shows national budget information, comparing spending on various federal projects.

Oyez: On this site, you can research any court case heard by the Supreme Court.  You can even listen to the decision. We will be covering several landmark court cases that shaped our nation’s government in this class, so this is an invaluable resource.

Supreme Decision: You get to try your hand as a Supreme Court Justice on iCivics. You hear a case and decide how evidence should weigh. The animation looks a little juvenile, but much of what is covered here is exactly what you need to understand for your exam. This is a quality resource! We will use this in class. You will be prompted to create an account, but you don’t have to unless you want to. If you do, you can play games and compete with each other. The supreme court game is not the only thing you can do here!