Exploring Pop Culture

Honors English I Third Six Weeks Extra Credit We've been reading literature this semester and exploring such themes as loss of innocence, good versus evil, duality, obsession, humankind's tendency to abuse power, and personal responsibility versus societal expectations, among others. The classic literature we read is not the only place you can find these themes. … Continue reading Exploring Pop Culture

Watch a Book on the Big Screen

Honors English I Extra Credit 2017   Is Hollywood running out of original ideas? It might be hard to argue that this isn’t the case given the number of films in recent years based on novels and comic books. The Marvel Avengers franchise has earned $4,938,269,569 in the US market and $12,500,929,951 worldwide.  One might … Continue reading Watch a Book on the Big Screen

Our Unknown Enemy: Mob Mentality

Read this excellent exploration of mob mentality provided by Tilburg University, and then be ready to participate in our discussions for To Kill a Mockingbird and “Thunder on Sycamore Street.” Consider how the characters in these works were influenced by mob mentality and how it affects the actions of people around you.


by Racles Bogdan

There have been times in our lives when we’ve heard the expression ‘if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do the same?’ from our parents or our teachers. We answered with ‘no’ most of the times. The sad fact is that, every now and then, without realizing why, we would jump with our friends. People follow people. It’s been like this for ages. The reason we blindly follow people is because we lose our sense of individuality and become part of a group’s mechanism. Most of the times, there are negative outcomes when this happens. Football fights, military units, witch trials, all of these are examples of why acting without individual thinking is wrong. You can do something about mob mentality.

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To Kill a Mockingbird and Extra Credit for Honors English I

You can find literally hundreds of websites dedicated to To Kill a Mockingbird. I have picked out my favorites and put them in the literature resources on the right side of the page. For your extra credit this six weeks, surf around and find some interesting information that will be useful for students studying To … Continue reading To Kill a Mockingbird and Extra Credit for Honors English I