Downloads for CP English I

On this page, you can find files to download for the College Prep English I class. As the year progresses, new files will be added. When you are absent, it is a good idea to check here to find work you might have missed. To view or download, just click on the colored text. This will open a new window. From there, you can view, print, or download the files.


Article: “Why do Good People do Bad Things”: Why do Good People Do Bad Things article

Article: “The Real Lesson of the Stanford Prison Experiment”: New Yorker magazine

Information on the Stanford Prison Experiment: Psychologist World

TKAM Background Presentation

Transitional Words Handout: Transitional Words

TNReady Rubric from the state of Tennessee: tn-argumentative-writing-rubric

TNReady Rubric the State Will Use to Score Your Essay Response: Informational Explanatory Rubric – Grades 9-12

Example papers for the Argumentative essay: TNReady Score 15 Sample Paper (maybe), Possible Score 16 Paper, Rains TNReady example

Odyssey Final Exam Review #1: 2017 review

New! Quizlet Study Set for Six Weeks Vocabulary Exam!

Pronoun Case Use Practice with Chart: Pronoun usage with chart

Pronoun Case Use Packet: Pronoun Use Worksheet Packet

Vocabulary Answer Sheet: CP Vocabulary Answer Sheet

First Six Weeks Calendar: 2017-b-cp-1-weeks-plans

Sentence Combining Practice: choppy sentences handout with exercise

Heroism: hero-Psychology Today Article

Heroism 2:Carnegie Medal Winner-Heroism Article

TKAM introductory Presentation: TKAM Introductory Presentation

Reading guide for quiz #1: TKAM rq#1 practice ch1-3

Reading guide for quiz #3: TKAM Chapters 7-11 guide

Reading guide for quiz #4 : TKAM Chapter 12-15 guide 4

Reading guide for quiz #5: TKAM Chapters 17-22 guide

Reading guide for quiz #6: TKAM Chapters 23-28 guide

Reading guide for quiz #7: TKAM Final Chapters rq7 guide

TNReady scoring help: TNReady Scoring

Transitional Words Handout: transitional words

Reading material for TNReady practice: TNReady letters

Tips for the TNReady Essay: TNReady Tip Sheet

Our last TNReady Practice: EnglishI-Argumentative1

Practice Questions for Act I of Romeo and Juliet: Act 1 study guide

Romeo and Juliet Act II study guide- Act 2 Study guide

Romeo and Juliet Act III study guide- Act III Study Guide

Romeo and Juliet Act IV study guide- Romeo and Juliet 4 study guide

Romeo and Juliet Act V guide- Act V_Study Guide

Romeo and Juliet quotes worksheet- QUOTE worksheet

Romeo and Juliet timeline worksheet- Romeo and Juliet fill in the blank timeline Recreate this timeline on a sheet a paper, filling in all of the blanks.

“Ithaca” questions- Ithaca questions

“Richard Cory” by Edwin Arlington Robinson- Richard Cory

“Richard Cory” questions-“Richard Cory” Questions

The poems for the Poetry Questions- poems

Quizlet Study Guide for Vocabulary in The Odyssey


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2 thoughts on “Downloads for CP English I

    • Mrs. Rains says:

      It’s not a “list.” It is just the calendar like you got in class. It is on the Download page. It was down the page a little; I moved it up closer to the top to make it easier to find. Most of the stories are public domain, meaning that they are not in copyright, so if you don’t have the book they are in, just Google the title, and you can read it online.


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