Downloads and Information for Honors English I

On this page, you can find files to download for the Honors English I class. As the year progresses, new files will be added. When you are absent, it is a good idea to check here to find work you might have missed. To view or download, just click on the colored text. This will open a new window. From there, you can view, print, or download the files.

To Kill a Mockingbird Power Point: TKAM Introductory Presentation

Sample To Kill a Mockingbird Essays: Sample To Kill a Mockingbird Essay 1, Sample To Kill a Mockingbird Essay 2

Digital Citizenship Test Link

Practice Test for Vocabulary #1 Test: 01 hunger games test- for practice

Frankenstein reading quiz #2 and 3 reading guide: Frankenstein #2 guide 2017

Frankenstein reading quiz #4 reading guide: rq #4 Reading Guide

Frankenstein reading quiz #5 reading guide: Frankenstein reading guide #5

What you’ve all been waiting for- The final essay topic and guidelines: 2017 R&J J&H essay topic and guidelines

Sample research paper you can look at to check formatting, especially take a look at the hanging indentation on the Works Cited page:  animal testing essay with notations for sample

Here is an excellent resource to help you prepare for the Animal Farm final exam: BBC Bitesize Guide for Animal Farm

Stalin’s Propaganda- Read this article from the Atlantic about Stalin’s propaganda. The school chrome books have blocked access to the Atlantic, so you can read the article on this document as well: How Stalin Hid Ukraine Famine

Many of you have expressed… concern (panic) about the TKAM/historical essays. It’s much easier than you think. I’m uploading a sample outline for you! TKAM historical sample outline

Mississippi School District Forced to Desegregate in 2016

Videos on North Korean totalitarianism.

Vocabulary List: 2017-18 vocabulary list

Second Six Weeks Calendar: 2017-18 honors 2nd Six Weeks

Romeo and Juliet Quote sheet: Romeo and Juliet Quotes

Sample Animal Farm in-class essays: Animal Farm Sample Essay 1 2016, Animal Farm Sample 1B, Sample Animal Farm essay #2 2016Animal Farm sample essay 2016 2B,  Animal Farm 2016 sample essay 3B

Writers Guidelines: Writers-guidelines

Outlining notes: outlining-notes-with-samples

A good website for reviewing transitions is Literacy Education Online.

Rubric for scoring the Jekyll and Hyde/ Romeo and Juliet research paper: research-paper-rubric-2016

Argumentative Rubric from the state of Tennessee: tn-argumentative-writing-rubric

Fill in the Blank Outline Notes: fill-in-the-outline

Transitional Words Handout: Transitional Words

Rubric the State Will Use to Score Your Essay Responses: Informational Explanatory Rubric – Grades 9-12

Parallelism Practice: Parallelism Practice 1

Article: “Why do Good People do Bad Things”: Why do Good People Do Bad Things article

Article: “The Real Lesson of the Stanford Prison Experiment”: New Yorker magazine

Information on the Stanford Prison Experiment:Psychologist World

The Bridge of San Luis Rey Reading Quiz #1 Guide: San Luis Rey Study Guide #1

Handout to help you with the state writing test: How to write a rhetorical analysis essay

Animal Farm Background: Background Study Guide

Animal Farm Background PowerPoint :Animal Farm Background presentation

A sample worksheet to help you get an idea for how to takes notes on TKAM: Atticus Character Development Notes Ch 3

Bridge of San Luis Rey Study Guide #2: San Luis Rey– Guide #2

Bridge of San Luis Rey Guide #3: San Luis Rey – Guide #3

Bridge of San Luis Rey Guide #4: San Luis Rey – Guide #4

How your TNReady essay will be scored: TNReady Scoring

Examples of Rhetorical Analysis Essays: Sample literary comparative analysis (angelou), Classical Rhetorical Analysis Four Samples, Comparative_Analysis

Reading material for TNReady in-class essay: TNReady letters

Tips for the TNReady essay: TNReady Tips

passage from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Jekyll’s statement

“Richard Cory” by Edwin Arlington Robinson: Richard Cory

Our last TNReady practice: EnglishI-Argumentative1

Example papers for the Argumentative essay: TNReady Score 15 Sample Paper (maybe), Possible Score 16 Paper, Rains TNReady example

Assignment Details for Final Project on The Bridge of San Luis Rey: Creating a Guide

Practice Questions for TNReady Part II-Practice questions for TNReady   Check your Answers- Check your Answers


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10 thoughts on “Downloads and Information for Honors English I

    • Mrs. Rains says:

      Reading quiz deadlines never change for anything. If you got to check out the book, you have to take the quizzes. I’ll have to check on the date they were checked out, though. I’m thinking you weren’t here to get yours; if that’s the case, you’ll be fine.


    • Mrs. Rains says:

      Well, I can’t even talk right now without coughing a lung or two up, so I won’t be singing in the next few days. It’s killing me, too! I love singing!!

      I’m ready to hear you sing!


  1. Conner Smith says:

    Mrs. Rains,
    I’m unable to find the handout for the Romeo and Juliet quotes, i talked to you about this a few days ago and the link doesn’t appear to be on the list.

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