Practice Quizzes and Activities

This is a brand new page that I’m just starting out with! I want to offer practice opportunities for my students and anyone else who is interested! I’m learning how to make and post online tests, so let me know what is and isn’t working. Let me know what you find useful and what you don’t. Especially let me know about broken links!

Writing Essays: Proofreading, Thesis Statements, and More! This link will take you to a practice quiz I made for you to review some of the notes we went over in class.

Practice for Honors Vocabulary Test #4 with explanations: Enter classroom RainsVocab to access the practice!

The vocab practice will be updated and change for each list (at least as long as I think you need it, and I can keep up!)

Practice with Agreement with Explanations for the Answers: enter classroom TRainsGPHS to access the quiz!