World History and Geography

Welcome to World History and Geography!

I know most of you think of me as the freshman English teacher, but I taught history for many years in addition to English. For the past few yeas, my schedule was too full of English classes to allow me to teach a history class, but I love history, and I’m excited to be teaching world history again! It was always one of my favorite classes to teach!

On this page you can find links to resources for the study of world history and geography as well as handouts for the class. We will be looking at how the layout of a land influences the history of a place.


Understanding the Renaissance: This page has plenty of information about the Renaissance as well as links to very specific articles about artists and other aspects of the Renaissance.

Interactive Timeline of the Renaissance: It’s just what it says! This PBS site is full of images. You navigate through the Renaissance by selecting a point on the timeline or even clicking a picture of a Medici. (If you’re using Firefox, you will need to allow Flash content.)

Understanding the Jewish Ghettos in Venice– This website details the history of the Jews in Venice and explains how the world’s first ghettos came into being in Venice.

Detailed Information about the Renaissance from Sam Houston University: This is a very informative article about the Renaissance. I highly recommend this site.

Renaissance Architecture: This site has detailed information on the architecture with pictures.

360 Degree Interactive Views of Renaissance Buildings– This site is unbelievably cool! Choose what you want to view, and take a virtual tour.

Prezi Presentation on Exploration of the New World: This presentation is complete with names, maps, and dates.

Slide Player Presentation: Presentation about African trade with maps and notes: This is a GREAT page if you missed our class notes, or if you had trouble understanding anything! It goes right along with our chapter, and it has pictures to make things clearer. (Ignore the ads on the page!)

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen (August 1789): For Our unit on the French Revolution, read this copy of the Declaration.




Map of European religions after the Reformation: Europe Reformation religions map